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UPDATE: Commencement 2015 (Saturday, August 22)

Update: Commencement 2015

The 37th Graduation Ceremony will be held on the University grounds on Saturday, 22 August2015 beginning at 9am.

The provisional list of Class of 2015 graduands will be ready on FRIDAY, 24 JULY 2015 by 5.00pm.  If you have outstanding balances or unresolved program requirements issues, kindly clear them before then. Only names of students who have met degree requirements and have a zero (0.00) balance will appear on the list. The deadline for clearing fees balance was on TUESDAY, 30 JUNE 2015.

Kindly check with Finance Office to ensure that you have no outstanding balance with the university.

GRADUATION ATTIRE: Graduation attire will be issued from TUESDAY, 4 AUGUST 2015 to TUESDAY, 18 AUGUST 2015 in the auditorium’s upper backroom.

A comprehensive memo containing all the information you need to know for Commencement 2015, will be published on Friday, 24 July 2015 via theCOMMENCEMENT WEBPAGEand on email.






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USIU-Africa to host international workshop exploring conflict and political violence

From July 20-31, the United States International University –Africa is hosting the 2015 America Political Science Association Africa Workshop at our campus in Kasarani, Nairobi. The two-week workshop will be led by USIU-Africa’s Associate Professor of International Relations Dr. Kennedy Mkutu ,  Prof. John Clark (Florida International University), Prof. Pamela Mbabazi (Deputy Vice Chancellor, Mbarara University of Science & Technology) and Beth Elise Whitaker (University of North Carolina at Charlotte). 

The Workshop whose theme is “Conflict and Political Violence” will examine research on the sources of armed conflict and mechanisms for resolving conflict. Course discussions will situate research on African conflicts within the broader political science literature on peace and conflict and facilitate a dialogue between case-based and cross-national studies. 

Sitting at the nexus between international relations and comparative politics, the program is divided into three parts: the first examines why political actors are sometimes unable to resolve their conflicts peacefully; the second explores the dynamics of conflicts; and the third section will explore mechanisms for resolving conflict.

In addition, participants will have opportunities to share their work and to receive helpful comments on their research projects. The workshop will address both substantive and methodological issues in the study of conflict and political violence, in the search for increased visibility of Africa-focused scholarship in the broader political science literature.

Co-leaders have selected 26 participants from twelve different countries to take part in the workshop program. All are working on a discreet manuscript, paper, book chapter, or journal article that they will bring to the workshop for presentation and improvement towards an eventual publication. 

Annual job fair fast approaches

The 2015 Career Fair hosted by the Placement and Career Services department is taking place from Tuesday July 14 to Thursday, July 16 at the auditorium. The annual drive is themed “Focus Passion, Explore Possibilities”, and is expected to draw senior students, faculty members, alumni, exhibitors, experiences professionals and potential employers.

During the fair, organizations are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate how to access available employment opportunities with students, alumni and other partners of the university. It also serves as a forum for employers to recruit from a ready pool of talent for job openings, internships or volunteer work.

This year’s Career Fair focus is specially geared towards entrepreneurship with an entire day set aside as a “Start-up job fair” where entrepreneurs will share their stories and hopefully encourage students to step out and follow their passion.