Have you tried to plan a very intimate night with your wife but feel very disappointed, frustrated, and ashamed because you are still limping? Or simply, you don't get an erection?

This occurs among 52 percent of men in their 40s to 70s. And as you get older, the percentage also increases.

Before you panic and spend all your hard-earned cash on alternative treatments or treatments that are said to increase sexual desire or drive, why don't you first determine the cause of erectile dysfunction in your case?

There are many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction, say the scientists. And fortunately, most of them have appropriate medication or preventive measures.

The causes of erectile dysfunction are categorized into two psychological and physical factors.

Ten percent of male erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors. If you are nervous during sex or are too worried that your partner will not be sexually satisfied, then the cause of erectile dysfunction in your case is largely psychological. Being too restless and nervous can cause lower blood flow to the penis, which, in turn, prevents the penis from becoming hard and stiff.

Even worse, these psychological problems are usually interconnected and tend to increase the problem of erectile dysfunction. They can also have negative effects on your body. More often than not, we cannot distinguish if the true cause of erectile dysfunction in a person is psychological or physical because they are usually related to each other. This makes it very difficult to cure erectile dysfunction. That is why if you think you have this problem, talk with your partner and ask for expert help before you decide to do something.

However, there are several examples when it is easy to distinguish the causes of erectile dysfunction. Just answer these questions. Can you have or maintain an erection with one partner but you cannot do it with another partner? Or is it easier for you to get an erection during masturbation than when having sex with your partner? If your answers to these two questions are both 'yes', the probable cause of your erection problems is mental.

How can you cure this? Talk with your partner. Usually, if a couple has relationship problems, it can also affect sex. Is your relationship on a rock or do you feel stressed when having sex with her? So, resolve any issues first in your relationship and then see what impact it has on your sex life.

Other forms of psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are stress, tension, depression, anxiety, sexual boredom, and low sex drive. In these factors, what you can do is consult an expert who you can talk to about this and also sit and talk with your partner so he can give you the support you need.

Another cause of erectile dysfunction is physical factors. This accounts for 90 percent of erectile dysfunction. Examples of these factors are diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, heart disease, smoking, and poor circulation. Usually, drugs taken by men who have the disease can have severe effects on erectile dysfunction. However, you must keep your priorities. Would you rather have a great sex life or die of a heart attack? If you plan to take any medication for erection problems, consult your doctor first.

You also need to think about changing your lifestyle. Instead of buying all the erection drugs you can get, why not spend your time and efforts doing some exercise, planning healthy food, or stopping smoking seriously. Everything is up to you.

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