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Add an Item

Camera help icon How Do I Use Images

To add an image to your post:

Step 1: Add an Image
The first thing you need to do is upload the image you want to use. Click the “Add Image(s)” button located above the “How” link you used to open this message. This brings up a window that lets you browse your computer to find the image file you want to upload. You can select multiple images to upload at once, or you can upload each separately.

Step 2: The Image Gallery
After the images have been uploaded, you will see them each displayed in the “Images” section of the screen. When you save your post, the system automatically creates a “Gallery” of these images and displays it below your text. The gallery shows the thumbnail version of each image and allows your readers to click any of them to see the full size version.

Step 3: Integrating Images
You don’t have to leave your images in the gallery — they can also be included right in the text of your post. Just drag the thumbnail into the text editor and place the image wherever you want it to display. Readers will see the image where you have placed it, and can click to display it at full size. You can use the “Preview” function to see how it looks yourself before actually saving the post. If you want the image to display at full size by default, use the magnifying-glass icon to bring it to its full size before dragging it into the text editor.