EaSTory Fashion House

EaSTory is the first Egyptian fragrances brand registered on the 21st century on the fragrances online encyclopedia https://www.fragrantica.com.

EaSTory is an Egyptian fashion house launched in 2017; as ancient Egypt was the first known place that created fragrances.

Egypt as a country is one of the most important global exporters for aromatic corps and oils but unfortunately without manufacturing or processing, '''EaSTory''' decided to revive back the fragrances manufacturing to Egypt to exploit the best exported aromatic raw materials.


EaSTory launched four fragrances; two for men and two for women:

Exposure for men:


 Vaco for men:


Dudum for women:


Vue for women:



EaSTory Brand Symbolism:

From the Middle East, the land of One Thousand and One Nights; EaSTory is renovating the tales that inspired their brand name from the merge between East & Story to be ''EaSTory”, as always had been; the (ST)ory begins from the Ea(ST), also (ST) represents 1st.

Their Arabic brand name "اسطوري" has the same pronunciation of ''EaSTory'' and it means legendary.

EaSTory does believe that everyone is unique from the birth; and they are here to add more beauty and charm to this uniqueness.


'''The Alicorn Icon:

EaSTory used the Alicorn icon as it literally represents the brand passion; perhaps it’s the most wondrous of all mystical creatures, the Alicorn is a Symbol of magic, miracles, purity, innocence and enchantment. This magical and enchanting creature appears to only a rare few and has the ability to bestow magic, miracles and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and virtuous in their deeds.

The nearness of an Alicorn reminds us that we are in the presence of a highly spiritual essence whose boundless domain encompasses all realms matter and spirit.

The Alicorn is a creature composed of 3 symbols:

  • The Arabian Horse: a symbol of power, travel and dominance.
  • The Wings: The winged horse is the king of the horses and named Pegasus, it’s a symbol of infinity and freedom.
  • The Magical Horn: a symbol of the endless, repeating cycles of time. It is also symbolic of the sword; and as the sword symbolizes the mind, the Alicorn's horn also signifies unity of thought and purity of reason. Also the Alicorn’s horn is very well known with magical healing qualities.