The financial world today runs on a different system's approach as, say, before the Civil War. The old currency system was based on certificates of deposit of such valuables as jewels, gold and silver. The currency that the deposited valuables could support could be a maximum of seven times the value of the valuables on deposit. This magical niteflirtadvice depended on the amount of bearers of certificates of deposit that insisted on having the certificates of deposit exchanged for the valuables themselves. Banking experience has proven that no more than 1 out 7 holders of certificates of deposit would demand redemption of their certificates. So, as long as the currency backed by the valuables was not inflated more than 7 times no one would notice any effect of the inflated currency and there would be no run on the bank. The inflated certificates of deposit actually stimulated business. The present system of currency, however, is based on debt. The more money, governments, people and corporations borrow the more money is available in the market to run business and people's household budgets. If there are no new loans generated and there are no outstanding loans at all there simply is no money in circulation. The Federal Reserve System ( FRS ) would destroy all the currency it could lay its hands on- -and it can lay its hands on most of the money in circulation.

This debt-based currency system was put in effect in the year 1915, together with the adoption of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution and the federal income tax laws and regulations- -the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ).


The adoption of these three measures in addition to the already adopted Federal Reserve System is self-evident proof of conspiracy of powerful financial figures and elected officials in US government against the people of America. It caused the enslavement of the American people through accumulation of debt owed to our betrayers through a system of currency that automatically, in a rather short time, can bring the nation to irreparable financial ruination. The national debt is beyond control and growing in leaps and bounds daily.


In fact, I heard a televised news cast in the fall of 1995 that announced that Congress had declared the US government bankrupt. The United States of America is now in receivership to the Federal Reserve System. The United States of America still exist in name only but the anchor of the foundation of the US, the free people of America, has been enslaved. The Constitution is now only a means, or a prop of propaganda to make the people believe they still have a nation and that as people they are still free. It is a lie.


Without free people there simply is no United States of America.


What does debt stand for? It stands for a measure of enslavement to the entity a person owes the debt to; especially when one is unable to repay the debt! How did we, the people, get into this enormous debt? The debt was created from absolutely nothing.


For example, say, you ask a bank for a $1000.00 loan. The bank may not really have this amount of money in deposit. But that is no problem; the bank simply requests that $1000.00 in bills must be printed. This takes a little time. This period of time happens to coincide pretty well with the time it takes for your request to be approved. But on what authority is the money printed?


There are no valuables to back the money that was printed. What really backed the request to print the money is your guarantee to pay back the money plus interest over a certain amount of time. You, as borrower, 'is' that authority; yet, you are stuck having to pay the interest on the loan, you are also stuck to make the promised payments on time and also stuck with having the property you purchased through the use of that loan foreclosed on you when you default. Not only did you guarantee to pay back the money you asked for, but your guarantee also allowed new currency to be printed and also gave the bank authority to have more money printed than you asked for. See, you must pay the interest on money the bank created out of thin air on your authority.


How was currency created after 1915? Debt-based money came in circulation because government got the nation instantly into an expensive war about a cause that truly did not concern us at all and government never paid back the money it borrowed. After that war US government got the nation involved in any war it could deceive the people to help it fight. Also, government regularly overruns its budget wantonly and thus needs to borrow on a big scale. It allows enormous trade deficits every year that it never intends to pay back either. You can see that US government deliberately destroyed the liberty and financial independence of the nation and of the people over the last century.


How did the wars the US got involved in get into being? These wars were planned behind the scenes by US government and its conspirator the FRS and the governments of the opposing nation(s). Then, the people were fooled to support government's promoted wars through blatant systems of lies/propaganda so bizarre that it goes beyond people's ability to conceive and understand. The people believed their governing officials and helped fight the wars. The people were herded through clever and deceitful propaganda to fight wars that even though America won on the battle fields yet caused them to lose their national and personal freedoms through the accumulation of debts these wars caused.


I always compare these planned wars between peoples of different nations and cultures to cock fights in arenas where the cocks are enraged against each other to fight to the death of one of them. Truly, there is no difference. Nations of people are like fighting cocks/roosters that fight wars for the pleasure of the powers that own them and that plan and control every event of importance in the world.


News broadcasts are means of spreading propaganda that binds the minds of the masses to the will of the hidden government. It is said that propaganda forms the attitude of the people targeted by the propaganda and makes willing robots of them to do the bidding of those who plan and execute the systems of propaganda- -government.


These three measures enacted in 1915 go hand in hand to form a system of enslavement. The 16th amendment and the income tax are the tools to control and enforce the system of debt-based currency. A decade earlier US government allowed the establishment of a privately-controlled debt-based banking system. In the decade preceding the enactment of the actual debt-based currency, all the requirements, laws and rules necessary to run an effective debt-based currency were worked out behind the scenes so that upon adoption of the above mentioned three measures the system became immediately in enforced effect. It took some fifteen years to remove the bulk of the value-based currency from circulation. The planned great economical depression of 1929 saw to it that the remainder of value-based currency was removed as well.


At the end of the hall leading to all the conference centers in Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina is an enlarged photo of the victory dinner showing a great hall in this hotel and many of the members of this conspiracy celebrating their victory of the official adoption by Congress and the people of these three measures! This photo cannot possibly show any other interpretation. The subscript says they ere all from Washington, DC.


It must be noted that the Federal Reserve System and its board of supervisors is beyond the control and supervision of US government. It is an entirely independent institution based on a privately controlled trust. The directors of the system are the trustees of the trust. This board of trustees works for the beneficiaries of the trust. It is not generally known who these trustees are; but be sure they exist.


The Federal Reserve System was inaugurated on the promise that the system would stabilize and regulate US business and the currency. The system is known as "a guided economy". As we have experienced over almost a hundred years, the Federal Reserve Board did not live up to its agreements on which the system was based. This board of Trustees is merely working out its own secret agenda without any regard to business and people.


It is a well-known principle among bankers and financiers that the entity that controls the currency of a nation controls the power in that nation. So, the people lost liberty and control over government by government transferring control of our currency to deceitful, independent private parties.