Did you know that Sunday is actually the first day of the week ? So it was from ancient times and in many countries the tradition to start the week from this day, and not from Monday, is still alive. Despite this calendar disagreement, Sunday is still a day of rest and strength throughout the world.

In my opinion, this day of the week is perfect for things that you have been putting off for a long time , as well as in order to challenge something new . After all, there are many interesting things to do on Sunday . They can be stupid, weird, useful , creative or just funny. My mega-post about what can give you simple pleasure on a wonderful Sunday day.

1. Come up with a funny song. Write your words for some fashionable tune. To continue the fun, you can even record a song on the recorder or make a video clip.

2. Create a series of "bed" selfies with the child immediately after waking up.

3. Comment on your favorite blogs . Make people smile and the Universe will definitely answer you with a pleasant surprise.

4. Reorganize your favorite book collection . I wrote about the best ideas for demonstrating handbooks here .

5. Create a wish-list for your birthday . On the eve of the holiday you are usually tormented by questions, what to give, and you do not know what to answer. Show your friends and relatives your wish list, and let them pick up a gift for you, according to their capabilities.

6. Make a collage of the inspirational images you'll find on Pinterest.

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7. Send a postcard to a stranger using Postcrossing.com and receive another one in return from a random person.

8. Enjoy a relaxing bath with aromatic oils. This is a great way to renew soul and body.

9. Make a slide show of photos to your favorite song. Devote his relationship with a special person in your life.

10. Reorganize files on the computer. This will take a lot of time, but you will definitely like the result.

11. Do an audit of your closet. Try to make new images from old things.

12. Turn a plastic bottle into a beautiful hanging vase .
13. Move the furniture in the room . It is not necessary to carry a heavy bed, you can simply change the location of chairs and small tables to refresh the interior.

14. Remove old family albums and photo books . Immerse yourself in nostalgia.

15. Read 50-100 pages of the new book. To search for interesting books, I use the site livelib.ru . There you can make lists of books that you have already read or want to read.

16. Gather your family members over a gala dinner . Sunday is a family day.

17. Record a CD with your favorite songs and name it “Soundtracks to My Life”. Include in it all the tunes that you liked throughout your life. Or watch free xxx.

18. Plan the menu for the whole week and go to the supermarket with the list.

19. Experiment with a new hairstyle and makeup. This always cheers up and gives one more reason to go for a walk in the evening.

20. What about an interesting do-it-yourself decor? Try making volumetric letters from cardboard, inspired by step-by-step instructions by Maria Azbel.

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21. Learn some new phrases in a foreign language.

22. Call or write a letter to a person whom you have not seen for a long time.

23. Watch a random series of the cult series Friends .

3057718324. Make a new dish according to your own recipe . Be creative, take advantage of unusual ingredients.

25. Devote the day to drawing. Who knows, maybe one day someone will want to buy your painting.

26. Plan your upcoming trip. Choose convenient departure and arrival dates, book a hotel, and carefully consider what attractions you would like to see.

27. Download the audiobook to your phone and do the cleaning . When you have to work at a computer a lot, cleaning begins to seem like relaxation.

28. Invite friends to a picnic near your home. I read wonderful tips on organizing a summer picnic on a blog by Marina Bakreshova.

29. Do manicures and pedicures. Experiment with new bright colors.

30. Turn on the rhythmic music and dance in front of the mirror.

31. Clean your email. Unsubscribe from all irrelevant newsletters.

32. Write a letter to yourself 60 year old. Share your assumptions about how your life will turn out.

33. Take care of your eyebrows. Correction and hydration procedures will be most welcome after taking a bath.