Your Telegram profiles are the foundation of your Telegram presence, and a skillful profile is a key way to increase your audience. Two-thirds of Telegram profiles attract non-members. Your profile should convince new visitors to click the follow button. If something in your profile is unclear, incomplete or unpleasant, they will not do it. Here are the things you can show in your profile.

Name: up to 30 characters and includes Telegram search so you can include a keyword in it. Username: Choose this name like the name of your other social channels, so your members can easily find you on Telegram from other platforms. Website: The only place on Telegram where you can put a clickable link (apart from calling ads or dragging up on Telegram). Bio: 150 characters to convey the brand identity and show why new visitors should follow you.

Sharing fun content

Great content allows people to comment on your posts and like them and share your posts. This interaction will strengthen your Telegram algorithm and get new visits and members. Everything you post should be interesting to your target audience. Your goal is to raise awareness, entertain and interact with its content. Your pictures should be compelling and the captions should be fun.

Advertise your Telegram presence on other social networks

If you want to buy Telegram members to make it easy for people to find you. In other words, you need to make your Telegram profile easily identifiable. If you have already created a follow-up on another social network, make sure your fans know about your Telegram account. Share a link on your Telegram profile and give your existing social members a reason to check your Telegram account (like the unique Telegram coupon code).

Share your Telegram account with communications

All communication tools - both online and offline - give you the opportunity to direct people to your Telegram account. Make sure you put a link to your Telegram account on your website, email and online newspapers. This ensures that people who are currently interacting with your brand online can find you on social media.

Use a half tag on Telegram

Your half tag on Telegram is a code that allows Telegram users to follow you quickly. We have already said that offline communication devices allow you to advertise your Telegram account. Telegram half tag is an easy and effective way to advertise your account in offline things like packages, product category announcements.

Use related hashtags

Makes your hashtags, posts and stories accessible to people who are looking for content related to your brand or products. Before using a hashtag to get more members on Telegram, make sure you know the do's and don'ts of using a hashtag on Telegram.

Find and use things that are popular. Use the search function on Telegram. Find hashtags for your product or service, then launch a stream in Hot Suite to monitor the content posted with that hashtag on Telegram to see what people are responding to.

Your goal is to be able to be specially displayed

Special accounts on Telegram are accounts that redistribute user content based on hashtags or tagging. Some of these accounts have a lot of members, and the fact that they share your posts under your supervision will cause a new stream of members to come to you. There is a special account for each feature and trend on Telegram. You need to discover them as you research your hashtag. As mentioned earlier, some of them are very special.

Tag your place

Whenever there is a specific place in your post or story; You can use the location. This is an easy way for people to find your content on Telegram. If your business has a physical location, be sure to tag it and encourage customers to do so. Users click on that location and see all the pictures and stories posted from your store, restaurant or office. This will make the brand of your Telegram account more visible to people. For example, when you are looking for a van der Stroop & Metals location in Amsterdam, this is what happens:

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