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Chatting with each other in online media Became popular with young people in this era Because it is convenient Can be done anytime and anywhere Do not waste time traveling to find each other. More importantly, it is also free. Today we have how to chat. In order to get people who like to be together as a girlfriend


1. Write a short message


Typing in chat messages Should be short, easy to understand, do not write in long sentences, add every detail. If there is something that you want to talk to him Make an appointment to meet up and talk to face to face is better. In addition to seeing each other Also makes a matter to talk Without being embarrassed about what to talk about Don't send messages that are complicated. Because it may cause misinterpretation


2. Send interesting messages


Don't just send messages that matter to you. Including what stories are boring Should ask him what he likes What is his interest in Interested in his life stories Will make him feel the impression of you Make him want to talk to you for a long time without getting bored. Sending funny messages for him to read. Send an encouraging message Will make him feel that you have you by his side


3. Do not send too many frequency messages


Texting too often May make the สล็อต other person feel uncomfortable So leave some distance. Don't try to stick to his situation too much. Give him some personal time If you feel anxious, want to talk to him too much Try to find time to do other things. Watch movies, listen to music, play games, go out with a group of friends.


4. Show care for him


If you want to get to know him better Keep chatting and asking about things that interest him. Inquiring about the best grief in his life Including his dreams It will make you better know who he is. It also lets us know This person you are talking to Living style Have an idea that fits us? But be careful not to talk too much about yourself. Because it will easily cause boredom


5. Do not send negative messages.


Everyone has to face stress in daily life. From working If you send him negative messages, it will only make him feel bad. So avoid sending messages in the blame. Typing frustrating texts Demanded attention They should send an inspirational message. Make him feel good Will make the relationship better

Online media chat It is something that is easy and convenient to do. But sending a chat message To talk to the person we like Has both do's and don'ts Try to apply these techniques. It will help to improve your relationship with him.


Acne problems Regardless of which area of ​​the body grows It is always a way to reduce confidence in women, not only acne on the face but also. Because acne on the neck is considered one of the body's warning signs as well. And for anyone wondering what the cause of acne on the neck is caused by Today we bring you 5 important factors that cause acne on the neck to tell you about it.


1. Oil and dirt from hair.

Women may not expect that it or dirt stuck on the hair. Are all contributing to acne on the neck always. Because oil and dirt from the hair is the main cause of clogged acne. Not only the neck area But also to the front frame and may spread to the back as well Therefore, it should regularly clean your hair frequently. The hair should not be oily and full of dirt, this will prevent this problem.


2. Allergic to ingredients of shampoo used

Some girls with acne on the สล็อต neck This may be partly due to an allergic reaction to the shampoo or conditioner used. Since shampoo and conditioner will contain silicones Which is a substance that coats the hair and gives the hair soft and smooth But it is undeniable that this substance can cause clogging of pores and causing acne. And some people who lose very seriously May cause hair to fall out very unusual ever.


3. Sunscreen with a high SPF

Although women try to use a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect the skin from the sun. But keep in mind that the higher the SPF of the sunscreen, the higher the amount of oil in it. Therefore, if you apply a sunscreen with a high SPF on your neck It is necessary to clean it thoroughly. To reduce acne problems


4. Stress and hormonal changes

Although acne on the neck is not a signal of any serious disease. But it is the culprit that the body is in a state of stress and hormone changes. Especially during the period before the menstruation, women tend to have stress. And what follows is undeniably a pimple on the face, face and neck.

Too thick clothes

The use of clothing that is too thick. Would be at risk of easily causing acne on the neck Because this type of fabric is not breathable well. When sweat comes out, it doesn't drain as well as it should. Thus causing dampness Resulting in clogged acne as a result

Saw the main factor that contributes to the acne on the neck to each other Believe that it will help the girls. Change behavior and focus on cleaning your hair. Selection of shampoo and hair conditioner Including the selection of clothes that are well ventilated to avoid getting acne around the neck.


According to a British survey, 48% of men tend to sleep after having sex. The result is often the same for most men on the planet. Why do men who have finished work are sleepy Will it be possible to continue one more round? Why was it so busy, but for a moment, I fell asleep. Why don't you stay in bed and talk to each other? All of these are the reasons why you can give a girl an answer, believing that she is suspicious of you or secretly poking you because she fell asleep before Tisina fights…


It's because I'm tired


Bed activity, exertion people are mostly male. สล็อต Therefore it is not strange that you young Will be very tired Some people sweat water. And how can this not be exhausted? Which the British Daily Mail website Also revealed the results of research from the University of Quebec. Canada recently said that in bed activities. “Men can burn 120 calories after having sex for half an hour. While women burn out about 90 calories, some men also find that some men spend more energy in love battles than on the treadmill. ”If it's going to use this force, don't wonder why. To be exhausted until sleep




Huh… Is it related? !! But from the research of Dr. Christopher Winter, sleep expert. It has been revealed that the poses that play together play a part that makes young men want to sleep, which is the lying position Because it will further stimulate the body to sleep faster After completing the mission, which Dr. After completing the mission, try to get up and walk to another place. Do not immediately lie down. Because in psychology, the human brain remembers that Have to sleep when in bed Or try to use a position that does not have some sleep may help relieve drowsiness.


Because of fire


The same Dr. If you turn off the lights while showing love in bed The body clock will say "It's time to sleep" automatically because of the habit So while you are playing, keep playing with some lights so you won't get sleepy


It's because of hormones


During male ejaculation at orgasm, brain chemicals such as prolactin are released that produce a feeling of sexual satisfaction. And it takes a while to produce this new material. Thus making young I don't want to do anything And immediately caused sleepiness Because the hormone prolactin will inhibit the function of "dopamine" dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel alert. In most cases, women also shed prolactin as well. But often shed not as much as men

In addition, the hormone "oxytocin" or the hormone of happiness in the body. Levels tend to increase during activity. This helps to reduce anxiety, making men feel relaxed and sleepy easily. Even if the place where you and your lover do activities in dim or dark lights, it will stimulate the body to release the hormone "melatonin", making the body feel "time to sleep" when the hormone protactor. Noxetosin and melatonin come together. Is equal to several sleeping pills coming together

All of this should make you or your lover clear, clear, doubt each other. Next time will be able to break up. But if you want to extend a good time out, try to find happiness in a standing position, dog pose, or change the atmosphere on the sofa, the edge of the bed, the edge of the door, the stairs, the edge of the washer In the kitchen or in the bathroom Then open the light to let it open a little more. Guaranteed this work is long enough 


When we have to face problems Or xo having to deal with disappointment Or dissatisfaction in both love stories, study stories or matters in their work duties Many people are difficult to overcome. And often the feeling of asking myself all the time, "Why?" Is like stabbing the same knife and stabbing himself over and over again Until in the end, he couldn't get past the problem and still hurt even more. When this happens, we come to find a solution to our feelings. In order to escape from negative thoughts Or step over the feelings that hurt us


1.When you have to experience feelings of loss or negative thoughts

People will have a period of time when they are in a state of suffering and are unable to cope with such feelings. Even with friends or family by your side But the feeling of loss became more and more intense that the pressure was almost impossible to handle. The best way to do this is to meet with an expert. Either a therapist or a psychologist Turning to an expert is a good sign. Because it makes you feel that you are really sick and in need of healing router login


2. Feel the loss of yourself.

It is natural that sometimes we lose a bit of self-confidence. Especially if you have to be at a time of change. You will begin to have questions about your abilities. Then you start to feel afraid that you might lose your job. Or beloved duty But to restore your self-confidence you can easily fix it. By creating familiarity and not blocking yourself with the new Which takes no more than two weeks Then you will find yourself easily able to overcome the problem.


3. learning to cope with change

Throughout the years, you have to meet the changes all the time. Whether you like it or not And every time there is a change, you will grow up every time. And stronger than ever Above all, you will find out who is your true friend.


4. Leave the past and live in the present to open the way to the future.

The past is the life experience that you have had, and that event is over, you cannot fix it any more. It is best to improve the present of your past mistakes so that the future does not. Double event And the more mistakes you accept The more likely you are to move forward, the more.


5. Look at the destination like the light at the end of the tunnel.

When we think about the future The point we want to get to is often a small point, a little far away, and that is the goal that keeps you moving. It is important that you learn to live in the present, not from the past, so that you cannot move on.


6. Begin to love yourself.

Live happily And happier with the little things around me In the past, you may have enjoyed the pleasure of being among your friends. Or have worked in the past, dear When the day you decide to love yourself more, you can enjoy the little things that surround you. Whether it's eating well for good health Exercised To get the body ready to handle your own next steps


7. Start looking at the world again with a positive eye.

The world is not always dark, 12 hours day and 12 hours night, so is your life. That people will not live with suffering alone for the rest of their lives You can enliven your life by laughter, while you will feel that you are strengthened by the courage to confront your past mistakes. Or facing the pain that you're trying to escape When we are faced with a problem, it means that we learn to grow.

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