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Promotion of mobile applications: an overview of promotion methods for beginners

Promotion of mobile applications: an overview of promotion methods for beginners


If you want to spend your advertising budget properly, first determine what result you need to achieve: 30 thousand installations, 80 thousand conversions in the program, get into the TOP? The budget and the choice of types of advertising campaigns depend on this.


ASO Promotion

You need to make ASO optimization  of your app App Store and Play Market. ASO Optimization is a type of SEO optimization for application and consist of analysis and production of necessary elements for each store. 

Contextual advertising

On the one hand, advertising messages will be shown only to interested customers, but on the other hand, you first need to correctly determine your target audience, otherwise the effectiveness may turn out to be zero. If you choose this method, you will only pay for impressions on the content network, but you will encounter quite a lot of competition.


Social Media Targeting

Promotion of mobile applications through social networks provides enough user information to target correctly and accurately. Display in VK can be configured through myTarget, and in the FB and Instagram - through a page on Facebook. You only pay for conversions, and potentially interested users see ads. Unfortunately, this method has a significant minus - if you poorly configure the advertisement not for “your” audience, then advertising will not be effective.


Offline advertising - posters, boards, TV

Attracting external media is suitable for applications without a narrow target audience and only if the application has existed for a long time. Efficiency can be very high: for example, the budget cost of a Clash of Clans commercial that was put on the broadcast of a football match was $ 9 million, but the result was incredible. Using this advertising, you will reach the widest audience, but at the same time you can hardly evaluate its effectiveness with a low budget.

Press release

A press release is text news for a site. If your application is revolutionary or solves pressing social problems, you should be confused and prepare a release for specialized sites on your subject. In addition, they usually have a fairly large audience. Releases in native or news form are sometimes even published free of charge. The method is not suitable for everyone: if there are no chips and hot “hooks” that the audience could catch on, the promotion will not work. Promotion by press  releases will also influence on you reputation management  strategy : if people will search something about you application in search systems they will find good reviews about it.

Overview on the profile site

A profile description will help a potential customer understand whether he needs your offer or not. First you need to predict which particular site will bring the most users.


Dilute the text part of the post with colorful pictures and examples. You should not write a lie and exaggerate your dignity, otherwise you will form false expectations with your own hands.


Social Media Groups

Post posts about the app in popular entertainment groups that target your target audience. In doing so, you will reach a large number of users. However, recently the cost of a post in some communities has been unreasonably overestimated, therefore, at the stage of agreements, ask the administrator for statistics and study it well.


Youtube mobile app promotion

Reviews allow you to reach a huge audience that is really interested in applications. In 99%, this is a direct hit on the target. Users download their favorite application immediately after viewing. It has this method and disadvantages: often channels ask for a lot of money for publishing a video, and you need to determine the channel very accurately, and this is not easy.

Motivated traffic

Motivated traffic is downloading applications for a fee. It allows you to quickly bring the program to the top market. You can use one of the services that provide the purchase of a certain number of installations, for example, CashPump. This ensures a quick hit in the TOP of its category and cheap traffic. This method also has a significant drawback - the outflow of attracted customers in the future.

In most cases, specialists turn for help when attempts to promote the application on their own have failed, the budget has been drained, but there is no result. If you want to get a good effect, but are afraid to make a mistake and throw money away, contact Luxsite. Experienced professionals will take care of advertising your application! We will help to increase the rating of your application in the App Store and Play Market.