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Dedicated or dedicated server is a great replacement for virtual or VPS-hosting. The tenant receives a separate physical equipment, the resources and capacities which will belong to only one user. But the selection of a dedicated server rental should be approached responsibly. The best price offer - not always the best option. How to choose a dedicated server, what parameters are considered decisive - learn today.


What to pay attention to when choosing

About whether to choose dedicated hosting or another kind of server, tell the needs of the user and his site. The choice depends on:


  • The size of the database.

  • Necessary power of the processor.

  • The required amount of RAM.

  • The required size of disk space.

  • Dedicated server wins over competitors in almost all parameters. However, in order for him to cope with its task, you need to decide in advance which dedicated server to choose for the site.

Technical features of equipment

As part of the dedicated server rental hosting companies offer Dedicated, different parameters. The choice of a dedicated server should begin with the definition of tasks, which is planned to solve with its help. Accommodation site and support its performance, the development of web applications or data storage - different tasks, which requires equipment with different technical features.



From the CPU depends directly on how much data the server can handle and how quickly the procedure will be performed. When choosing should be guided primarily by two parameters:


The number of cores. Their number depends on whether the CPU can distribute tasks and perform complex processes that require multi-threading and paralleling calculations. For example, a multi-core processor is required if you plan to perform, archiving, encoding or video virtualization. The number of cores is important for Nginx working in multithreading mode, as well as when using Apache under a heavy load on the web server.

Clock speed. This is a performance identifier. The higher the frequency, the higher the speed of processing requests and the site responds faster. And the loading speed is one of the parameters that affect audience loyalty and attendance. The clock frequency also affects the performance of various software. For example, MySQL, poorly switches between cores of the processor. Therefore, when using it, it is better to stop at a CPU with fewer cores, making a choice in favor of equipment with higher frequency.

Most often, dedicated servers are equipped with processors Intel Xeon E-series. But hardware from other manufacturers may also be used.


Initially, it is important to determine how much RAM is required to run the tenant server sites. If the Internet resources are static and visited by up to 1000 people, and it does not use PHP or MySQL, you will need a minimum amount of memory.


But it is not worth saving on RAM-servers that support sites with a large number of visitors or auxiliary services. A large amount of RAM will also be required if resource-intensive applications and software are used:


MySQL and PostgreSQL require large RAM to cache data in order to reduce the load on the disk;

ZFS is a file system that also requires a lot of RAM, especially if data deduplication is used.

Before you choose a dedicated server, it is worth making sure you have sufficient RAM installed. For example, for servers running PHP scripts, the required amount of RAM can be calculated using the formula "RAM of one process * by the planned number of processes". It is best to give preference to Dedicated with 2 or more gigabytes of RAM.


If you want to calculate the amount of RAM for a company's server with a certain number of employees, you can use the formula X = 256 MB + (64 MB x Y) + 0,5 x Z. Instead of Y, substitute the number of users and replace Z with the number of Mb occupied by the database.

Disk space

Technical features of the serverThere are also important to consider several parameters, and the first of them - the capacity. The largest volume at an affordable price can be obtained by renting a server with SATA disks, the size of which reaches 10TB or more. However, you should consider other features, primarily the access time. If it is a priority parameter, then it is better to give preference to servers with SSD-chips. Lease will cost more, but such Dedicated has a short access time.


The optimal solution would be to use a mixed version. It means renting a server equipped with SATA and SSD at the same time. Large and slow SATA are used to store static information, and less capacity, but fast SSD - for the boot partition and databases.


It is also important that the server provides data security. It is worth using Dedicated with RAID arrays, which is a module that combines the disks. We recommend using a RAID mirror, with one drive acting as a complete copy of the other. If you lose one drive, you will still have access to your information. Having a mirror will also help avoid server downtime in case of disk faults.


A great option for firms will be to use RAID-10, which combines 4 disks. With his help it will be possible not only to save information, but also to provide a sufficient data transfer rate. But keep in mind that only half of the total disk space will be considered effective capacity.



The server must have not only enough power but also be equipped with a communication channel with good bandwidth. It determines the amount of data that can be transferred per unit time without errors and freezes. Dedicated tenants are offered servers with 100 Mbit, 1G and 10G channels. At the same time, the higher the reserve, the more stable the site is.

Additional features

In addition to the technical parameters of the servers, you should also pay attention to the services offered by the hosting company together with the lease. Their availability also matters when choosing a Dedicated. It is important to clarify whether the lessor provides:


  1. Technical support, with which you can promptly deal with possible problems in the operation of the server;

  2. Availability of access through KVM, allowing access to the BIOS server and the ability to remotely reboot;

  3. data protection;

  4. Creating backups of information on a third-party server.

It is also worth checking with the hosting provider whether the equipment you are renting has been used before. If so, it is worth insisting on replacement of hard drives, which are considered the most vulnerable part of the server. Previously used hard drives more often fail, which is fraught with the loss of data stored on them.



The speed of Dedicated depends not only on the technical features. A great role is played by the territorial location of the server, especially - the country where the equipment is located.


Renting from overseas resellers and data centers may be more profitable in terms of money. However, before you take advantage of offers, it is worth evaluating the audience of the site, or more precisely - the geographical location of the visitors. If the Internet resource is designed for users from foreign countries, you can safely rent a server abroad. Problems with access or download speeds will not arise.


However, if the site is designed for visitors who live in Ukraine or within the CIS countries, it is worth to give preference to the services of local hosting companies. The closer to the person visiting the portal is a server, the faster the response rate of the site. And according to studies, an increase in page load time for 1 second loses about 8% of traffic. To avoid a decrease in traffic, it is better to choose a server that is located within the country of residence of most visitors.


Data center or reseller

Services for server rentals provide both direct hardware owners and resellers. The first have undoubted advantages:


  • the lowest prices;

  • replacement of faulty components immediately after the customer requests.

  • Future tenants should definitely cooperate directly with data centers if they are located within the country of their residence. Then no problems with the server and payment for services provided can not be afraid.


Turning to a reseller will be the best solution if the data center is located in a different country, and there are language, currency or legal differences. These companies offer their own technical support and monitor the server for correct operation. However, they charge for their services.