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These days it's almost impossible to imagine life without a smartphone. This gadget should always be near, at hand, including when traveling on a motorcycle. In this case, the biker will come to the aid of the holder for the phone.


This moto accessory has a simple design and is attached to the handlebars of motorcycles. It allows the motorcyclist to use most of the functions of the phone, while not distracting from driving.


A motorcycle phone mount is a useful and practical thing. It makes the biker's interaction with his gadget more comfortable not to the detriment of safety while riding.



As a rule, the main and most popular material used for the production of holders is plastic. However, there are also holders made of metal, silicone and even leather.

The holder is fixed on the handlebars using a special mount. The whole process takes a few minutes and does not require any additional skills or any special devices. In the extreme case you may need a screwdriver.


Some models of mounts for phones equipped with special shock-proof cases, covering the gadget body, thereby protecting it from damage and external influences.


Very often mounts are equipped with 360 degree rotation. Thus the motorcyclist can set the device in any position convenient for him.


Some modern models allow you to remove the holder with a single movement of the hand, without stopping the movement.


It is worth noting that the manufacturers of these accessories are constantly working to improve them. So, for example, on the market there are already holders on the steering wheel with a video recorder or flashlight.



Your gadget is always securely fixed. You don't have to worry about losing it on the road or worry that it will fall out during sudden braking.

Your smartphone is always in view. You'll always be in touch, and all the information that appears or is updated on the screen can be seen immediately. In addition, it will be useful, for example, when using the smartphone as a GPS navigator.

A mobile device placed in the holder with water repellent cover will be protected from moisture, dust and dirt.

With the appropriate USB-charging, you can recharge your phone attached to the holder on the road.

Holder is very compact. It does not take extra space, does not interfere and does not hinder the movement while driving.

Modern mounts are universal, that is suitable for almost all models of phones. You do not have to pick up this accessory for a particular device.

Grand Tour Shop offers a good selection of quality and proven mounts for phones on your bike. Buying a product from us, you will definitely be satisfied!


TBike phone holder: Full freedom of movement!

Using the navigator, talking and recording video during a ride has become so convenient! The phone holder for your bike will make your ride not only more comfortable, but also safer, because with it you are less distracted from the road.


In addition, you can use your phone as a sports tracker - watch your heart rate, speed, cadence, and record the route.


How to choose a bike holder for the phone?

This accessory comes in different types of designs:


  • For a specific model of smartphone;

  • Universal - for any phone model.

Also an important parameter - the type of attachment:

On the handlebars - the most practical and popular type. In this case, the phone holder can be attached both with a clamp, and on the bolt of the top cover of the speaker. It is desirable that the panel is made of material with an anti-slip coating. Recommended for use on level roads, usually in the city. For rides on dirt or extreme riding it is better to choose other options.

On the frame - this holder can be made in the form of a bag with mounts on the frame and a transparent screen. In such a bag is recommended to put something soft, such as a spare tire. This will minimize the shaking of the phone. Such a mount is very reliable, besides it protects the phone from moisture and dust. It can be used for extreme descents and driving on dirt roads.

On the arm - is not inferior to the previous option in terms of reliability. At the same time, the phone is less protected if the cyclist falls, and the screen is not in sight all the time.

Universal - holder of this type can be attached to the hand, and the frame, and the rudder. Often these models are waterproof.

Regardless of your choice, the mount must be reliable and firmly hold the phone on bumps, during the vibration of a call or message.


In addition, pay attention to the following features:


  • The size of your smartphone - the holder should fit it, hold it firmly, but not overlap the screen.

  • Weight of the phone - if it is not fixed properly, the heavy phone will fall out of the mount.

  • Holder material - plastic, metal, textile, leather, etc.

  • The quality and reliability of the connections.

  • The ability to adjust the position and angle of the phone, which provides maximum viewing comfort.

  • The presence of the charger function. As well as - a speaker and a microphone for comfortable communication.

  • Design of the accessory.

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