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Receive SMS Online – Is it Possible?

Receive SMS Online – Is it Possible?

Technology is indeed the most important communication tool for businesses. It has remarkably transformed how businesses and other organizations conduct their marketing and public relation, and the way they interact with social media. One of the significant changes that happened in the world of communication is the way on how to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone. During the early years, it's never anticipated that the time would come that it would be possible to receive SMS online. But with the continuing devolvement of the simple form of technology to a more complex one, the impossible became possible.

How to Receive SMS Online with Hottelecom

As the telecommunication evolution continue, receiving SMS online is now the trend in most business – small, medium, and even large corporations. The flexibility it provides is tremendous to the point that you can even cancel a virtual SMS number anytime you want. It’s so easy to receive SMS online. There are only easy-to-follow steps that you should do and within a couple of minutes or so, you can enjoy using a virtual SMS number:

  1. Visit and select the country of your choice.
  2. You can choose a phone number and then just provide it.
  3. Receive SMS verification online.
  4. Once you receive SMS online, a new number will be assigned to you.

That is so simple, right? And in fact, you can immediately use the said number for your business purposes. Let’s say you want to stretch your brand image and business presence in more than 100 countries all over the world, simply integrate your virtual SMS number to your marketing and advertising campaigns. One of the best things with online SMS numbers is that you can separate and easily distinguish which text messages are meant for your business and which are for a personal issue. As a result, you will not get into trouble of manually sorting “which is which”.

Receive SMS Verification Online

As you can observe, many websites will ask you to provide some kind of verification when signing up for a particular service. Some of the usual forms are entering your email address or solving a captcha just for the sake of confirmation that you are indeed a real person and not a bot.

Another more secure way of verification is by asking you to enter your data like your name or/and address. Another method to confirm your legitimacy is called phone verification. It is usually in the form of an SMS message with a code that is sent to your phone. And in this event, not everyone is comfortable handing over their number.

There is a more secure way of verifying if you are legitimate, and we call that “two-factor authentication”. Here, it is more reasonable to input your real number. But concerning those not so important that require a one-time verification, it is more convenient to use a number that is not tied up to your mobile phone.

Visiting Hottelecom’s website,, and acquiring its online SMS receive service is the best way to eliminate your worry when it comes to this matter. Take note that the messages you receive are not secured and can be seen by anyone online. So you must keep your personal and sensitive information secured and fully protected.

Advantages of Hottelecom’s Virtual SMS Numbers

Many great advantages come with an online SMS number. Some of them are the following:

  • You can associate the number to any country that is available on Hottelecom’s website. For more information about the countries listed, please visit have the freedom to choose a number that you want.
  • You can use your SMS number for advertising and marketing purposes. That is if you want to expand your business presence across the globe.
  • Speaking of business expansion, there is a great possibility to gain partners and clients worldwide.
  • Manage your incoming messages in real-time, so you can address issues of concern from your customers.

These are just a few of the advantages that you can get once you integrate Hottelecom’s virtual SMS number to your business, regardless of the size of your organization. Hottelecom is not limited to online SMS number service only. It offers a wide range of VoIP and virtual number services. The following are some of the cloud-based services that Hottelecom offers: 

  • Mobile Phone Numbers – You might think that this is just another SIM card number inserted to your cell phone. Don’t get it wrong. These are numbers that are not attached to any physical device because they are cloud-based. Another name for this is the mobile virtual number. It allows you to receive and make calls without needing the help of a SIM card or landline telephone. Your mobile phone or PC is sufficient enough to communicate effectively using a mobile virtual number.
  • Second Phone Numbers – There is no argument when it comes to the importance of communication in your business. After all, that is the very essence of any successful enterprise. And because of that fact, a second phone number is also a necessity if you want to separate your business transactions from personal ones.
  • Toll-Free Numbers – What is a toll-free number? Well, this kind of number is widely used particularly in large corporate areas, business contact centers, insurance organizations, banks, and other large-scale enterprises. When you see that code 800, it means that number is toll-free, and it plays a very important role in the communication aspect of a particular business.
  • SMS Phone Number – It is another remarkable VoIP service offered by Hottelecom. With an SMS number, you will be able to receive a large number of messages and redirect them to an email or else, to another cell phone number of your choice. It has the same function as other Hottelecom cloud-based services. It plays a vital role in your everyday business communication to avoid any unread messages from your clients and prospects.

Final Words

Hottelecom opens up more ways for you and other business owners and entrepreneurs as well to communicate with each other. Regardless if you will be using it for personal or professional communication, Hottelecom has many options to which you can choose. The development of communication technology has provided us cost-effective means of communication. Before we were very particular in calling outside the boundaries of our country because of roaming charges. Now, with Hottelecom, there is no need for you to worry about expensive rates.

Hottelecom does not only offer class A VoIP services. It also provides very affordable rates for various cloud-based phone services. And if this is something that is missing with your business communication, then it’s time to switch with VoIP phone service. We know how tight budgeting is for startup businesses and entrepreneurs. That is why we provide low-cost rates to any of our services, particularly with virtual SMS numbers.

You can visit our site, where you can choose a wide variety of services that would surely suit your taste and your budget. And if ever you are confused with our vast offers, please don’t hesitate to reach on to us. Our Tech Specialists are happy to serve you, answer your queries and concerns, and even help you in your assessment for your business communication transactions.