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6 variants of rent VPS server usage


6 variants of rent VPS server usage

To rent vps is a suitable choice for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase or maintain their own server in the office. Providers offer four basic hosting services that can help with the issue of the server: you can order a dedicated server, use virtual hosting, rent a VPS server or opt for cloud hosting.


We offer to consider the best option for most SMB companies - renting a VPS server. The server can be used for any purpose: for hosting a website, for data storage or for development and testing. In this article we described the most common options of using a VPS server and their advantages. Maybe some of them you did not know and this new information will tell you how to use a server with benefits.

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Web site hosting

Website hosting is the most common way to use a VPS server. Many companies use virtual hosting for their sites. In this option, on a single web server can be a lot of sites and they all use the resources of the web server at the same time. This option is suitable for small sites: landing pages or business sites. But what if there is a site with high attendance and high loads? It requires more resources, and rent a dedicated server is not possible.


In that case, companies rent a VPS server. VPS server is a golden mean between dedicated physical server and virtual hosting. On the VPS server, you can configure the necessary configurations, and also pick up the type of disks and the operating system for the needs of the site. In other words, there is an opportunity to choose a server with the right capacity. You can control your computing resources via the server management portal.


Mail server

Placing email on a virtual private server is a common and popular service among businesses. Most small and medium-sized businesses use mostly free email services with limited functionality. Larger companies prefer to have more mail setup options, but these solutions need to be hosted on their own hardware or on a separate virtual server.


Placing your own mail on a VPS gives you the ability to more accurately and finely configure the email service. Also, the confidentiality of data stored in the mail is preserved. Improved security is another advantage of the mail server on a VPS. Full control over your own mail server simplifies security optimization and troubleshooting.

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IP Telephony Server

A virtual private server can be used as a VoIP server, to make calls over the Internet. Basically, IP telephony systems run on software that can be installed on a server with suitable configurations. If you want to deploy VoIP in the office, you need to specially allocate computing power for this purpose or even buy a separate physical server. In order to avoid additional expenses companies place their IP telephony on the rented VPS server - it's more profitable. Companies choose VPS server of necessary configuration according to their needs, proceeding from quantity of connected subscribers, calls and number of telephone lines.


Application Development

For companies that develop applications, whether desktop, web or mobile platforms, a VPS serves as a great virtual workspace. The necessary development tools are easily installed on the virtual server. The entire team working on the project can access them either from the office or remotely. This greatly simplifies and speeds up remote application development.


Before launching an application, it should be tested in a real environment. The team will be able to identify bugs and get rid of them during the preparation for the launch. A VPS can be used for this purpose so that there is no need to invest large sums of money in setting up your own server for testing.


Data Backup

Cyber-attacks, hardware failure or natural disasters - many factors can affect the loss of business-critical data, files, lead to inaccessibility of IT services and business processes. It can take a lot of time and effort to recover. To avoid such unpleasant situations, backups are used.


VPS server can serve as a reliable place for backup storage of data, files, applications and programs. It can be used as an external backup server, or use a data backup service offered by your provider.


Virtual Router (vGW)

A VPS server is also used as a virtual router for a virtual private network (VPN). It's easy to confuse the two terms because they sound the same, a VPS is a virtual server and a VPN is used to create a secure connection on a public Internet network.  There are many reasons why it's worth raising your VPN server to a VPS.


Public VPN-servers simultaneously serve a large number of users, which means that the speed of such a service is much lower, especially if it is a free solution Own VPN organized on a VPS is different in that there are no problems with the download speed, because only a couple of people use it. Also, a virtual server can be self-administered, which allows you to configure all the parameters "by yourself" and thus prevent unwanted access to personal data by unauthorized persons (for example, administrators of public VPN services).  You can safely check your accounts and financial data without fear of online fraud.


And that's just a small part of the most interesting rent vps applications. You can use a virtual server for a variety of tasks, including connecting a remote desktop, hosting ERP systems and accounting programs, and much more.