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Structure and content of the resume

Writing a resume with your personality in mind is the key to getting a decent job. At first glance, it should be clear that preparing a resume is not a difficult task even for a beginner, but when you dig deeper, you realize that a professionally composed resume requires a lot of time and knowledge in this field!

Thoughtful content and proper resume structure are the most important criteria for a good resume. A clear resume allows the recruiter to highlight important information about the candidate at a glance.

A convincing and well-structured resume is the foundation of every application. With these two documents, you should be persuasive as early as the first stage of the application process, as references and certifications alone will not help the employer build a picture of the potential employee. A meaningful letter of application increases the chances of standing out from other candidates and getting an invitation to an interview.

How to write a resume?

Substantial, clear and without unnecessary phrases - writing a successful resume seems simple at first glance. The difficulties are mostly in the details. Blank phrases and vague statements usually get a negative review in the application process, so you should always get into the essence of your qualifications and motivations. Resumes should also be clearly and reasonably structured. A confusing or overblown resume can quickly lead to failure.

Structure and, most importantly, content

Although your application letter also demonstrates to some extent your ability to express yourself, a resume is a very sober set of facts without running text: it can include contact information and personal information. You can also insert an application photo to add a face to the facts presented, but application photos are optional.

Your professional career naturally takes center stage: the American structure, in which the last stages of life are referred to as the first, is largely prevalent. The advantage of such a resume is that your recent qualifications and degrees will immediately catch the attention of the hiring manager.

In general, a resume usually has enough meaningful keywords with specific evidence. When it comes to professional experience, facts and figures are crucial.

Otherwise, special attention should be paid to clarity and uniformity of graphic design. Whether you submit a fairly simple, conservative application with few design elements or whether you need to demonstrate your design skills depends largely on the industry. A tailored resume can give you an edge in the hiring process, especially in young companies or in the creative industries.

If you're not sure if your resume will stand out among the hundreds of others, you can always go to a specialized service and use the "check my resume" service!