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How to block a website on Android

How to block a website on Android


  1. Features and ways to block sites on Android

1.1. How to edit the hosts file

1.2. How to block websites in your browser

1.3. Blocking websites with firewall

  1. What applications are used to block websites

2.1. Parental controls

2.2. Google Family Link

  1. Mobile security and antivirus use
  2. Top questions about blocking websites on Android

4.1. How to add a site to the blacklist on Android?

4.2. How to block a site in Google Chrome on my phone?

4.3. How do I block a site in Google Chrome?

On any Android mobile device, it is possible to use a browser and search the Internet for the necessary information. To do this, the user opens websites and web resources. But if a stranger is using your phone, you don't want them to see your private web searches. It's not safe for a child to take your phone and be able to visit web pages that are forbidden or undesirable to them.


Agree, it is impossible to be a supervisor for your kid all the time and control his actions on the Internet.

But you can use effective methods to prohibit visits to inappropriate content on the web.

Next, we'll explain how to block a site on Android and protect your children from the influence of inappropriate web resources.


Features and ways to block sites on Android

There are several basic ways, each of which has its own features and may seem easy or difficult for you to use. By choosing any of them, you can guarantee a reliable and effective blocking of websites on Android.


These methods are as follows:


  • editing the hosts file;
  • Blocking through the browser;
  • blocking via firewall.

Let's consider each option in more detail.

How to edit the hosts file

This method combines simplicity and speed, how to block adult websites on Android. However, it is necessary to have a file manager with root rights.


Everything happens as follows:


  1. launch the file manager app and activate the root-right function;
  2. Select the option to display hidden files;
  3. under Local storage go to the page with devices;
  4. find the "etc" folder in the head directory and select the "hosts" file without an extension;
  5. select the text format and set the way to work with the object;
  6. without changing the contents place the set marker on a clean line and add this entry " address_website". The address will be used as the link to it in order to make the blocking;


Then save the document and try to access the blocked site through your browser to check if the procedures are correct. If the resource is really blocked, the following will be displayed:


Is it possible to block sites in your browser

Yes, you can, and further we will look at how to block access to a site on Android through the browser. There are several browsers through which to implement a ban of sites - the most commonly used are US Browser and Safe Browser. It is enough to download the program from the store, install it and proceed to the following blocking settings:


  • in the program menu, go to the section with the settings;
  • select the filter option for content and log in with your Google account or create a new account;
  • then find the Web Filter Settings option and select blacklist mode;
  • it is required to specify the domain and all existing subdomains, confirm the new entry, so it will be on the list of banned resources;
  • you can add more filters if required, then return to the home page;
  • in the section with the filtering rules, you need to set the option to block all categories in the list;


Exit the program and check if the sites saved in your blacklist are allowed in.

Blocking sites by firewall

In this case, you should use special applications that act as firewalls and provide you with tools for setting restrictions. For example, you can use a Firewall without the need for Root permissions:


  • open the program and run it to filter the data stream;
  • in the tab with the programs, select the application to log in to the network to block it. Google Chrome is chosen as an example;
  • then in both columns set the access denied mode.


What apps are used to block websites

You can use a variety of applications to block sites online, but when it comes to keeping your child safe, it is recommended to give preference to the following services:


  • Google Chrome parental controls;
  • Google Family Link.
  • Parental Controls.

The parental control option provided by the Google Chrome browser is the best option, and it only works on your kid's personal smartphone. Through the app's settings, you set the child's Internet usage restriction mode - not only blocking unwanted sites, but also setting a limit on being online, etc.


Google Family Link

This is a special app for parents to see how the child uses his mobile gadget and what pages on the web visits. It can be customized for a family group or individual members.


Use RusVPN on your devices to keep your privacy safe!

Mobile Security and Antivirus Use

Some antivirus programs, such as Avast Free Antivirus, have a special option to block web pages. It is enough to go into the settings of the program and perform the appropriate manipulations to block visits to specific sites.


Another option for checking mobile security and confirming the blocking of sites is to use the Norton Family program:


  • After downloading the app, create an account in child mode;
  • when tabs appear on the home screen, select Actions and click web pages in it;
  • from the presented list of sites select the ones you want to block;
  • then go to the Rules tab and select Internet Control Mode;
  • Select the banned sites section;
  • add a site, enter its address and confirm with the OK button.


The site goes to the black list and cannot be accessed again.


Blocking through the US Browser program:


  • launch the browser on your smartphone;
  • Find the site you want to blacklist;
  • Go to settings and select Network;
  • In the menu of the proxy server enable its application;
  • enter "" in the line;
  • copy the URL of the site from the open browser and save the actions.

Blocking through application:


  • download and install the application;
  • Find the target site for blocking;
  • add it to the banned list and save the actions.
  • How do I block a site in Google Chrome on my phone?

You can use apps like Qustodio Suite and FocusMe, as well as any others that you know and rate as convenient for you to use and block inappropriate content on the Internet.


How do I block a site in Google Chrome?

To do this, follow these steps:

  • download the application and install it;
  • in the settings get to the blocking sites section and put the addresses in the list to be banned;
  • you can set the mode of blocking specific requests, if required (option Block by words);
  • protect the list with a password.