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Free Boiler Installation and Replacement scheme

It can be very costly to heat your home all year round, particularly during the long winter months, even if your boiler is 7+ years old and highly inefficient. This is a major concern for many pensioners, particularly if your boiler is so old that it is more likely to break down or have to be fully replaced.

In recent years, it has supplied thousands of homes around the UK, including free boiler replacement for pensioners, helping them minimize the cost of heating their homes and reducing their overall carbon footprint. This has major advantages for pensioners' free boiler bank accounts, as well as a positive influence on the local community.

More and more British gas-free British pensioners' gas boilers are struggling to meet the pressure of escalating energy bills, and a brand new boiler is an expense that many simply can not afford for many on limited incomes.

Pensioners receiving the Pension Guarantee Credit and individuals receiving reduced work will apply for a boiler grant to help them become more energy efficient in order to minimize their heating bills. But if you don't get Pension Guarantee Credit or not, if you get job reduction or other eligible benefits, you can still apply for a grant.