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Beginner's running ready guide

You are entering a phase of life. That you begin to ask more questions about your health And now you want to start Do some exercise or not? Well, you've probably read somewhere that running is the best way to stay healthy. But even though running sounds very easy But there may be a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Especially If you weren't familiar with exercise before, joker gaming today brings you a step-by-step guide to getting started. That we specially prepared for beginners like you to leave each other

How should a good run begin?
It starts with a walk
You can start running right away if you want. But keep in mind that it can have consequences. Your body that is not used to running can lead to a wide variety of injuries, so to begin with. Walking is the most appropriate option. Actually, walking is like running. Just in a slower pace And has a strong impact on Less bones and joints But you shouldn't walk like you're shopping. Walking for exercise should be an active walk. When your body is getting ready for more intense activities Now you can start running, however, you should still switch between walking and running at the beginning of this time.

Go slowly
Running too long distances too fast can result in injuries that can take a long time to heal. The idea of ​​running is Making you stronger It doesn't hurt you and exercise too hard. In the time when the body is not ready like this It's a not-so-good idea. You should go slowly, gradually increasing the number of distance and duration. Once a week Even if you feel Running is twice as much from yesterday. It does not make you feel tired as much. But believe us that You will feel tired and exhausted soon, so start small and increase slowly and you will end up with better results.

Choose the right equipment
You can actually run with Any shoes It may seem insignificant. But if you look closely Often when shoes are not suitable Will easily cause injury Because each person has different feet. Some people's feet are bent inward. While some people may bend out of the chest Or some people may be flat feet, choosing shoes that suit the characteristics of the foot. It is something that will help prevent injury. In addition, choosing shoes that will not hurt your feet when running. Might make you want to run more, doesn't it? Plus, if you get a pair of beautiful shoes that you like, it may be your inspiration for running. Especially those newbies

However, the price or brand of the shoes It's not always the key to making a good running shoe. As I said, that is You should choose shoes that fit your feet. To make it comfortable Does not hurt feet when running So when choosing running shoes You should try to make sure that the shoes are really right for you. And believe us Have good and suitable shoes At a very friendly price for everyone's wallet for sure

Plan ahead
While most people don't plan on exercise, a well-detailed plan can be of great help in your running. Time planning Running distance Giving you a clearer picture of the target It can be used to track your runs. And to celebrate his own success as well

Although there are many other things about running But these above stories It is one of the most important things for a beginner, it is one of the main things to keep in mind, however, without the stress, running should be fun. You should relax Although having to strictly follow the plan Will look scary at first But when you get used to And eventually began to receive the benefits of running You will realize You have done the right thing. And then, running will become a habit. Glaye is fun. That you will keep doing and reap tremendous benefits from it.