There is no doubt that we can find a classic sweatshirt in our closet. Whether you stay at home, go shopping or have a daily meeting, sweatshirts can meet your dressing needs.

When you have a busy schedule and lots of unfinished to-do lists, you pay no attention to style the sweatshirts. To save your money, we prepare several ways to elevate your sweatshirts and keep your look chic and stay comfortable.


1.With a ripped jeans and sneakers


It would be the most familiar daily style that fills your heart whit cozy. A casual outfit with ripped jeans and sneakers will never out of fashion (at least for a long time). Choosing a pair of thick-soled sneakers is better!


Loose-fitting ripped jeans


Sunflower Printed Blue Sweatshirt


2.With A Leather Jacket


When the weather gets cooler, add a leather jacket to protect against the cold wind. You’d better tuck the sweatshirt in your pants to avoid exceeding the length of the jacket. If you have a pair of sunglasses, put them on and become a cool girl.


Stay Away From Me Sweatshirt

3.With leather leggings


Leather pants are one of the cool girl's representative items. Remember to tuck in the front of your sweater to emphasize proportion. A pair of thin high heels makes it stylish. From daily meetings to dinners with friends, enjoy the pleasure of the day.


Underestimate Me That'll Be Fun Sweatshirt


4.With leather pants or a leather skirt


If you are someone who prefers black but short underwear, then leather pants or leather skirts are the types of compromise you’ll agree to. Wear a pair of Martin boots or strappy heels with a nice stiletto bag, sunglasses, and your style will make a big difference.



5.Over A Shirt


The overlay style doesn't seem to be out of fashion within a short period of time. Put on a solid-colored sweater over a shirt, but they should preferably be opposing colors, such as black and white. To take the outfit to a next level, pair whit a pair of leggings and short boots. Keep your casual look all day long.



6.With leggings or net stockings


An oversized and extra-long hem sweatshirt with net stockings is a subtle and foolproof way to the combination of cool and sexy. To highlight the visual, Best paired with a belt and a pair of thick-soled shoes.


7.With high-waisted pants


I have to say that high-waisted pants have always been the fashion items. You can tuck the hem of the sweatshirt into your pants and tie the belt. Or roll up the hem to reveal the waistline. Take advantage of high-waisted pants to walk confidently down the street.


Blue Shift Solid Casual Denim Pants



8.With a plaid skirt


Influenced by the subculture, plaid skirts have become a new fashion trend in tik tok. Choose a cute style of sweatshirt and plaid skirt, you can easily dress like a high school student. To emphasize this look, put on knee-high boots. Whether you're on a date or walking in the neighborhood, it can make you look energetic.



9.With the metal necklace


There is no need to worry about the sweatshirt with a metal necklace will be too exaggerated. Fortunately, the popular trend of metal accessories has not slowed down. Throw on your simple sweatshirt with a metal necklace makes the look instantly party-ready.



10.With the same color bottoms


Surprisingly, the top and bottom of the same color match well when they’re literally the same color. Of course, we suggest choosing a simple color like black, white and gray. Add some bright colors accessories to accent this look.