Where can you find young fashion trends? Apps like TikTok, Instagram attract a lot of young girls,you can see the cool outfit and bold makeup inside. To a certain extent. From personalized hairstyles to plaid skirts and loose t-shirts, all can help you rock 2021. It's difficult to define this phenomenon, but to a certain extent has introduced the trends of the season.


1. Oversize t-shirt or sweatshirts

Whether you're relaxing at home or taking pictures outdoors, oversized sweatshirts satisfy all your needs. Trying t-shirts with funky graphics like statement words, quirky scenes will never go wrong. When the weather gets cooler, pair it with a leather jacket and high-waisted jeans.


2. Plaid Skirts

The rise of Kpop has made plaid skirts popular. You can wear a taller sneaker with an oversize t-shirt, or add a chain belt off the side. It's not always just gray and black, but a touch of pink and blue can have an unintended effect.


3.Leather or denim jackets

Sweatshirts and jackets are a great match. Taking a photo with a leather jacket in front of the motorcycle is enough cyberpunk.


4. Taller sneakers

Taller platform sneakers increase your height and also keep you comfortable. A great color option is black and white which match almost everything. Rock them whit an oversized shirt or mini pants, they all look fantastic and cool.


5. Personalized Accessories

Necklaces and earrings are essential accessories for a cool girl. It’s a great attempt to lay two or three necklaces. Choose skinny earing which doesn't stand out too much.


Belt chains and Beanie are other matching tips.


6.Exaggerated eyeliner and lipstick

Exaggerated eyeliner can visually enlarge the eyes. Uplifted eyeliner adds a personal touch and rounded eyeliner adds a personal touch. If you want to be a cool girl, dark lipstick is essential, like red, dark red, purple, etc. Of course, a good-looking blush and eye shadow are also important.


7.Bleached hair

One of the coolest and coolest dresses up - bleached hair. Hair bleaching is for better coloring. BlackPink's rose hair color is worthy of reference.


Are you ready for all? If you want to show off, put on your outfit, prepare your camera and strike a pose, action now.