Broken capacitors
Are you unable to activate the fan in the central air conditioner? The normal cause of this problem is broken capacitors. Capacitors in the air conditioning system are designed to provide the electricity needed to energize the engine. If you notice a clicking noise at the start of the cooling cycle, this is an indication of a malfunctioning capacitor. To avoid costly engine problems, we recommend hiring a plumber to replace or repair the capacitors in your air conditioning system.

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The compressor in a central air conditioner is designed to distribute refrigerant to the condenser and evaporator coils. Additionally, this component is required to regulate the pressure in your air conditioning system. When your air conditioner reaches the middle of its life cycle, issues such as refrigerant leakage, contaminated evaporator coils, and defective condensers can easily damage the compressor. If an air conditioner circulates warm air in your home, this is a sign of a damaged compressor. To fix this problem, you'll need specialized tools, equipment, and training. To avoid injury or damage, you should consider having a licensed technician repair or replace your compressor.

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Corrosion may begin to form in the central air conditioner due to improper drainage. If this problem is not resolved, the files in your system will be corrupted. In addition, a build-up of rust or debris can cause refrigerant leakage. Refrigerant leaks are often difficult to detect at first, but will result in compressor damage and ice formation along the coils. If you notice signs of wear, contact a licensed HVAC technician to receive help with this air conditioner issue.