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Legal Services Division

NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TRUSTEESHIP: As part of efforts aimed at building the capacity of the Board and Council, four members of the University Council the Director of Legal Services and myself attended the National Conference for Trusteeship held in Dallas, Texas in early April.  Of note that the increasing complexity of the enterprise of higher education and the culture of our campuses, with attendees being encouraged to "turn the dial" on higher education and become guardians of their students, their campuses, and the important work that they steward.

COURT CASES: The University has continued in its pursuit for justice through the courts with regard to the land grab case involving the USIU-Africa land in Muthaiga North. The matter comes up in court on June 2, 2017.

LEGAL AWARENESS WORKSHOP: The Division has just organized a Legal Awareness Workshop this week as the first in a series of events aimed at demystifying legal issues ranging from Intellectual Property Rights, Family Law, Land Law, among others.

The facilitators who are of exceptionally high quality, highlighted the legal and practical aspects of the issues at hand, especially in the area of Intellectual Property. When it comes to the university's longevity, intellectual property issues in areas of teaching, grantsmanship and research are of paramount concern.

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