Get To 4.5 Mil in 45 days for a Coffee Shop in the new Student's Centre!

coffee shop noun

: a small restaurant that serves coffee and other drinks as well as simple foods









The CoffeeShop@45 campaign is an exciting challenge to raise 4.5 million in 45 days for a coffee shop that will be established within the upcoming student’s centre, whose construction shall commence any time before June 2014.


USIU’s Coffee Shop’s Description

The University Coffee Shop is envisioned to be a quiet and fun place for the USIU community, that is clean, has aroma, delightful ambience and conducive for conversation and reading. Located on the ground floor of the student’s centre, with external views of USIU’s beautiful landscape, this is a place where you forge lasting friendships, exchange innovative ideas, and of course, enjoy gourmet beverages and bites. Do not miss this chance to write your story, together with that of the coffee shop over the 45-days period.


How to Participate

  • Money transfers, both M-Pesa and bank, can be made to account 10-2525 on cash transaction and COFFEE SHOP on M-pesa transactions

  • Pledge cards are available on request
  • Drops into the donation box

For information or suggestions, please email or visit our Facebook page on www.facebook\usiuafrica .