About the 45 Mil in 45 days campaign

1.       What is 45 Mil in 45 days campaign all about?

The 4.5 mil in 45 days campaign is an exciting challenge to raise 4.5 million in 45 days for a coffee shop to be established in the new Student’s Centre. Forty-five days are symbolic of the years USIU has been in existence in Kenya, while KES 4.5 Mil is the actual cost of the Coffee Shop.


2.       What is a coffee shop?

A coffee shop is a “small, usually inexpensive restaurant where refreshments and light snacks are served”. The Coffee Shop will embody all aspects of a modern, elegant and tasteful coffee shop befitting of a diverse and forward-looking university such as USIU.


3.       Why coffee shop and not a swimming pool for example?

Future infrastructural development in USIU has been planned step-by-step and in the next three most of the facilities that do not currently exist, including a swimming pool, shall be in place. The Coffee Shop is deemed an ideal project to kick off a giving campaign because it is a neutral project that accommodates the diverse population found in USIU.


4.       What happens to Café Latte and the Cafeteria?

Both Café Latte and the Cafeteria will continue to operate as per their terms of operation. USIU is expanding rapidly and more spots on campus are needed to cater for the growing clientele and different tastes of faculty staff and students, hence the USIU Coffee Shop.


About giving to the C ampaign

5.       What will I gain by contributing to the Coffee Shop?

By contributing to the Coffee Shop, we all gain intangible rewards by achieving a common purpose as one team. Others who are no longer part of the present USIU community supported many of the facilities and freedoms we currently enjoy. Therefore, let us continue this tradition of “paying it forward” to generations of USIU affiliates who will follow in years to come.


6.       What incentives will be available when I contribute to the coffee shop?

If faculty, staff and students in USIU meet and exceed the target of 4.5 Mil, the USIU Naming Policy can be invoked to enable the USIU community to select a name for this space. Other than that, a recognition wall within the Student Centre or other forms of recognition can be established to give credit to those who participate actively in this effort.


 7.      How can I make my contribution towards the coffee shop?

You can make your contribution to the 4.5 Mil in 45 days campaign as an individual and/or as a group. Either way, you can choose one of these ways:-

    Money transfers to account 10-2525

    M-Pesa transfers to account 10-2525

    Pledge cards available on request to coffee45@usiu.ac.ke

    Donation boxes placed at strategic points within USIU


8.       Of what benefit will it be to contribute to the Coffee Shop yet I am about to graduate?

As an alum of USIU, you still get to visit the Coffee Shop and indeed all other facilities in your alma mater. In fact, as an alumni you will play an even more active role in supporting USIU development projects so the 45 days campaign is just a small preparation for your exciting role as an USIU alum.


9.       If I give 4.5 Million for the Coffee Shop in total, will I be allowed to brand it?

Yes, and this applies to other facilities within the new Student’s Centre for which naming opportunities can be negotiated.


 About the USIU Coffee Shop

10.   Who will run the coffee shop?

Management will consult appropriately with other university governing bodies will decide on the running of the Coffee Shop, once the Coffee Shop is established. 


11.   Will the coffee shop be a stand-alone building?

No, the Coffee Shop is a part of the new Student’s Centre. The location of the facility is on the ground floor of the Student’s Centre, which has other facilities on the first and second floors. The Coffee Shop is actually the cheapest facility in the Student Centre, which in total will cost approximately KES 600 Million.


12.   Will I own shares if I contribute to the coffee shop kitty?

The USIU community shall own the Coffee Shop collectively, just like all other facilities on campus.


13.    What other services will be available/provided by the coffee shop other than the coffee?

Other than coffee, all kinds of non-alcoholic refreshments and delicious bites are to be found at the Coffee Shop. Additionally, it will be possible to hold student activities such as art exhibits, spoken word events and music shows to be inside the Coffee Shop with prior arrangement.


14.   How will the coffee shop look like?

Space allocated for the Coffee Shop is approximately 95M2, with open sitting space that has clear views of landscaped campus grounds and water features. Décor and other inputs in the Coffee Shop will be selected after wide consultations with you, the stakeholder.


15.   When will the construction of the coffee shop begin and when is it expected to be complete?

The entire Student’s Centre construction begins in by June 2014, and expected date of completion is approximately 18 months after construction commences.


16.   Where can I find more details/information about the Coffee Shop?

More details can be found at https://cx.usiu.ac.ke/ICS/4.5_Mil_in_45_days/. Alternatively, you can email specific questions to coffee45@usiu.ac.ke, call 20 3606205/326 or like and leave a comment on our Face Book page at https://www.facebook.com/USIUAFRICA. If on campus, visit any office in Student Affairs or the Fundraising office within Institutional Planning & Advancement (IPA).