Award Categories

Lifetime Achievement Award
Best Freshman G. P. A. Male 
Best Freshman G. P. A. Female 
Best Sophomore G. P. A. Male 
Best Sophomore G. P. A. Female 
Best Junior G. P. A. Male 
Best Junior G. P. A. Female 
Best Senior G. P. A. Male
Best Senior G. P. A. Female 
Best Graduate G. P. A. Male 
Best Graduate G. P. A. Female 
Best G.P.A Ever Graduating 
Most Outstanding Lecturer (S.H.S.S. )
Most Outstanding Lecturer (C.S.O.B )
Most Outstanding Lecturer (S.S.T)
Most Outstanding Academic Advisor
Most Outstanding Staff Finance & Administration
Most Outstanding Staff ICT
Most Outstanding Staff Library
Most Outstanding Staff Operations & Maintenance
Most Outstanding Staff Student Affairs
Most Outstanding Staff Security
Most Outstanding Staff Vice Chancellor’s Office
Most Outstanding International Community
Most Outstanding outgoing SAC Senate Official
USIU Ambassador Female
USIU Ambassador Male
Most Inspiring Student Graduate/Undergraduate
Best USIU Radio Show
Best USIU Radio Presenter 
Socially Outstanding Gentleman 
Socially Outstanding Lady 
Best Dressed Gentleman of the Night
Best Dressed Lady of the Night
Most Outstanding International Student Male
Most Outstanding International Student Female
Most Valuable Male Player Basketball
Most Valuable Female Player Basketball
Most Valuable Male Player Hockey
Most Valuable Female Player Hockey
Most Valuable Player Rugby
Most Valuable Male Player Volleyball
Most Valuable Female Player Volleyball
Most Valubale Male Player Tennis
Most Valuable Female Player Tennis
Most Valuable Male Player Softball
Most Valubale Female Player Softball
Most Valuable Male Player Athletics
Most Valuable Female Player Athletics
Most Valuable Male Player Soccer
Most Valuable Male Swimmer 
Most Valuable Female Swimmer 
Most Valuable Male Player Karate
Most Valuable Female Player Karate
Most Valuable Male Player Taekwondo
Most Valuable Female Player Taekwondo
Most Valuble Player Chess
Team Spirit Award 
Sports Patron of the year Award  
Most Outstanding Coach 
Captain of the year
Best Video Production 
Best Photographer
USIU Entrepreneur
Best delegate/chair
Best peer counsellor
Best technosavvy
Most creative ( Performing Arts)
Most Active Club Patron 
Most Active Club 
Most Outstanding Club Leader 
Citizenship Award (Most Outstanding Club Member)
Most Charitable Club

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