There are 141 members of this Group (5 Leader, 135 Member).
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Abdi, Fatma Ahmed Fatma Ahmed Abdi Member
Abdi, Ibrahim Yussuf Ibrahim Yussuf Abdi Member
Abdikadir, Abdikadir Mohamed Abdikadir Mohamed Abdikadir Member
Achieng, Mercy Joan Mercy Joan Achieng Member
Achila, Tonney Orwa Tonney Orwa Achila Member
Administrator, Site Site Administrator Leader
Ali, Nurdin Abdi Nurdin Abdi Ali Member
Asande, Brian Brian Asande Member
Atino, Daisy Menya Daisy Menya Atino Member
Awadh, Abdullah Ali Abdullah Ali Awadh Member
Ayamba, Eric Eric Ayamba Member
Ayuak, Ayuak Laban Ayuak Laban Ayuak Member
Bett, Miss Jematia Jematia Miss Jematia Jematia Bett Member
Bhuee, Rajneesh Kaur Rajneesh Kaur Bhuee Member
Charchi, Mr. Eric Mr. Eric Charchi Member
Chege, George Mbugua George Mbugua Chege Member
Cheruiyot, Mr. Kiplang'at Mr. Kiplang'at Cheruiyot Member
Elly, Reagan Odiwour Reagan Odiwour Elly Member
Elsadig, Awab Awab Elsadig Member
Etukala, Kishore Reddy Kishore Reddy Etukala Member
Gathuita, Lucy Wangechi Lucy Wangechi Gathuita Member
Gichuhi, Getrude Gathoni Getrude Gathoni Gichuhi Member
Gitau, Mr. Ramon Karanja Mr. Ramon Karanja Gitau Member
Githu, Victor Ndirai Victor Ndirai Githu Member
Gitiiya, Anne Wambui Anne Wambui Gitiiya Member
guest, guest guest guest
Hafeez, Aadil Rashid Aadil Rashid Hafeez Member
Hassan, Daud Ahmed Daud Ahmed Hassan Member
Hassan, Fauzia Hussein Fauzia Hussein Hassan Member
Hirani, Jasvanti Kanji Jasvanti Kanji Hirani Member
Huluka, Patricia Alemayehu Patricia Alemayehu Huluka Member
Irakoze, Olga Isalo Olga Isalo Irakoze Member
Johnson, Valentis Koti Valentis Koti Johnson Member
Juma, Leila Mnyazi Leila Mnyazi Juma Member
Kabaka, Sharon Rehema_Ashuma Sharon Rehema_Ashuma Kabaka Member
Kahindi, Samson Matano Samson Matano Kahindi Member
Kalegi, Patricia Neema Patricia Neema Kalegi Member
Karanja, Anthony Njihia Anthony Njihia Karanja Member
Kasimu, Gladys Mutindi Gladys Mutindi Kasimu Member
Kharege, Aden Mohamed Aden Mohamed Kharege Member
Kiboi, Miss Nelly Miss Nelly Kiboi Member
Kileo, hanson Willbroad hanson Willbroad Kileo Member
Kinyanjui, Lucy Njeri Lucy Njeri Kinyanjui Member
Kipkoech, Ng'eno Brian Ng'eno Brian Kipkoech Member
Kiriungi, Joshua Mwamba Joshua Mwamba Kiriungi Member
Kuel, Ajak Abraham Ajak Abraham Kuel Member
Kuria, Vincent Muhia Vincent Muhia Kuria Member
Kwalya, Morgan Kibet Morgan Kibet Kwalya Member
Lang'at, Joy Chepkurui Joy Chepkurui Lang'at Member
Legis, Sandra Yiamoi Sandra Yiamoi Legis Member
Leitore, Laban Saretu Laban Saretu Leitore Member
Liti, Ohia Emmanuel Ohia Emmanuel Liti Member
Macharia, George Richard Mwangi_Richard George Richard Mwangi_Richard Macharia Member
Macheho, Gabriel Gichora Gabriel Gichora Macheho Member
Mahat, Siham Siham Mahat Member
Mahia-ini, Tessa Nalisi Tessa Nalisi Mahia-ini Member
Maina, Miss Mary Miss Mary Maina Member
Makur, Debby Nyankuech Debby Nyankuech Makur Member
Matayian, Kelly Livingston Kelly Livingston Matayian Member
Mbiriri, Esther Wangari Esther Wangari Mbiriri Member
Meghjee, Mujtaba Shabbir Mujtaba Shabbir Meghjee Member
Muchai, Dan Dan Muchai Leader
Muchiri, Dennis Muthomi Dennis Muthomi Muchiri Member
Muchiri, Joyce Wakiuru_Kangangi Joyce Wakiuru_Kangangi Muchiri Member
Mugambi, Michael Jeremy Michael Jeremy Mugambi Member
Muhokho, Gedion Thomas Gedion Thomas Muhokho Member
Mukundi, Wilbert Njora Wilbert Njora Mukundi Member
Mulei, Kelvin Kelvin Mulei Member
Mumina, Grace Mumo Grace Mumo Mumina Member
Mungai, Marion Trizah Marion Trizah Mungai Member
Mustafa, Mohamed Mohib Mohamed Mohib Mustafa Member
Musungu, David Graham_Sisule David Graham_Sisule Musungu Member
Musungu, Mr. Tito Akeba Mr. Tito Akeba Musungu Member
Musyoki, Mr. Anthony Mr. Anthony Musyoki Member
Mutembei, Lucy Kendi Lucy Kendi Mutembei Member
Muthoka, Mr. Tonny Mr. Tonny Muthoka Member
Mutisya, Alice Kavindu Alice Kavindu Mutisya Member
Mvamba, Miss Janeth Meshack Miss Janeth Meshack Mvamba Member
Mwai, Jane Wamuhu Jane Wamuhu Mwai Member
Mwai, Githinji Mwai Githinji Mwai Mwai Leader
Mwai, Thaddeus Thaddeus Mwai Member
Mwangi, Grace Muthoni Grace Muthoni Mwangi Member
Mwangi, Joseph Allan Joseph Allan Mwangi Member
Mwangi, Karen Njeri Karen Njeri Mwangi Member
Mwangi, Martin Mwema Martin Mwema Mwangi Member
Mwangi, Sylvia Gakenia Sylvia Gakenia Mwangi Leader
Mwaniki, Mr. Justin Mr. Justin Mwaniki Member
Mwaniki, Mr. Raymond Gichuru Mr. Raymond Gichuru Mwaniki Member
Naipanoi, Lydiah Lydiah Naipanoi Member
Ng'ang'a, Erastus Mwangi Erastus Mwangi Ng'ang'a Member
Ng'ang'a, George Mbugua George Mbugua Ng'ang'a Member
Ngarama, Miss Wairimu Miss Wairimu Ngarama Member
Ngoi, Sylvia Mutio Sylvia Mutio Ngoi Member
Njau, Mr. Nahashon Mr. Nahashon Njau Member
Njenga, Joan Njoki Joan Njoki Njenga Member
Nyabere, Emily Emily Nyabere Member
Nyaguthii, Shanice T. Shanice T. Nyaguthii Member
Nzimbi, Leone Leone Nzimbi Member
Obong'o, Miss Maria Atieno Miss Maria Atieno Obong'o Member
Ochaka, Eric Dereck Eric Dereck Ochaka Member
Ochieng, Mr. Okil Mr. Okil Ochieng Member
Ochieng', Robi Koki Robi Koki Ochieng' Member
Ochola, Wendy Daphne Wendy Daphne Ochola Member
Odack, Rose Faith_Aketch Rose Faith_Aketch Odack Member
Odhiambo, Biron Ochieng Biron Ochieng Odhiambo Member
Odhiambo, Clinton Ochieng Clinton Ochieng Odhiambo Member
Odhiambo, Iddah Apondi Iddah Apondi Odhiambo Member
Okong'o, Lewis Lewis Okong'o Member
Ondieki, Elizabeth Mokeira Elizabeth Mokeira Ondieki Member
Onwonga, Mactosh Makini Mactosh Makini Onwonga Member
Onyango, Eddy Ouma Eddy Ouma Onyango Member
Otieno, John Kennedy_Odhiambo John Kennedy_Odhiambo Otieno Member
Otieno, Paul Omondi Paul Omondi Otieno Member
Owuor, Bridget Atieno Bridget Atieno Owuor Member
Pancholi, Mr. Meet Pritesh Mr. Meet Pritesh Pancholi Member
Patel, Brijesh Piyushkumar Brijesh Piyushkumar Patel Member
Patel, Nirali Chandrakant Nirali Chandrakant Patel Member
Patel, Tharang Dikshit Tharang Dikshit Patel Member
Purohit, Payal Kaushikkumar Payal Kaushikkumar Purohit Member
Rosela, Miss Rosela Tuken Miss Rosela Tuken Rosela Member
Sagoo, Miss Harsimran Kaur Miss Harsimran Kaur Sagoo Member
Sathya, Narayan Tina Narayan Tina Sathya Member
Scott, Bellows J Bellows J Scott Member
Shah, Miss Jaini Hitesh Miss Jaini Hitesh Shah Member
Shema, Nzabakamira Manasseh Nzabakamira Manasseh Shema Member
Sinja, Mr. Justus Richard Mr. Justus Richard Sinja Member
Sungi, Dr. Simeon P. Dr. Simeon P. Sungi Member
Tegenework, Yafet Yafet Tegenework Member
Thambu, Ms. Phoebe Nyokabi Ms. Phoebe Nyokabi Thambu Member
Thuku, Eunice Waruguru Eunice Waruguru Thuku Member
Thuo, Grace Wairimu Grace Wairimu Thuo Member
Toor, Poonam Kumari Poonam Kumari Toor Member
Tuko, Derrick Derrick Tuko Member
Turasha, Titus Timan Titus Timan Turasha Member
Vienna, Sean Leteiya_Andrew_Gath Sean Leteiya_Andrew_Gath Vienna Member
Wachira, Vincent Muriithi Vincent Muriithi Wachira Member
Wafula, Margret Atemi Margret Atemi Wafula Member
Wanjiro, Juliet Juliet Wanjiro Leader
Wanyama, Brian Situma Brian Situma Wanyama Member
Yagnik, Mr. Eshan Mr. Eshan Yagnik Member
Yusuf, David Oluwanimifise David Oluwanimifise Yusuf Member