Prof. Freida Brown Day 2013

The United States International University spends over 70 million Kenya Shillings on CSR projects annually, with the Community Service Day drawing the largest participation. The Financial Aid program also ensures that bright but needy students get access to education at the institution.

With Kenya paying special attention to Education under its Vision 2030 social pillar, more support must be directed to ensuring the quality of education does not decline and that students remain in school despite the continuous challenges the sector faces.
Finding ways to creatively stimulate education for both pupils and teachers by improving the school environment will not only impact academic achievements but also enhance health due to the clean environment.

These same principles will be carried forward by the children into their adult life, creating responsible citizens who pay attention to their environment.
Initiating sustainable programs and policies that safeguard and enhance school environments will go a long way in contributing to a healthy, safe school environment that will in turn churn a valuable workforce that will contribute to the country’s economic environment.

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