Dear Students,


Fall 2021 Pre-registration begins on 6th August 2021 from 2.00PM


Note that you will be able to :


  1. Register on line from 6th August 2021  to 5th September 2021  for undergraduates without ANY charges
  2. 13th August 2021 to 5th September 2021 for Doctorate and Masters students without  ANY charges
  3. All students will still  be able to Register  online from 6th September 2021 to 17th September 2021  with Add/Drop  and late  registration charges

(Beware:  Each  Drop and/or Add  is  charged once charges begin).


 Display courses relevant to your level of study to avoid selecting courses that are above or below your level!! This will incur unnecessary costs and delays in completing your studies.


NOTE: The online faculty evaluation must be completed to allow access to registration. If your account is on any hold (Read the messages on your registration page)visit the concerned office for it to be lifted before you can register i.e.


  • Business/Finance holds- Finance office,
  • Web Clearance, Leave of absence, Placement exam, and academic standing holds - Registrar’s office
  • Course Prerequisites, Course advising -Academic advisor’s office
  • Conditional Admission holds-Admissions office


Pupil’s Pass: International students kindly ensure your pupil’s pass remains valid by registering as a full time student i.e. 9 and above units for undergraduates and 6 and above units for graduates.


Tutorials on registration are available on https://cx.usiu.ac.ke/ICS/.

Always protect your passwords and change them frequently.


Refer to the Academic calendar, Fall 2021 schedule for financial guidelines on Registration https://www.usiu.ac.ke/resource/download-academic-calendar


Please take advantage of the prolonged registration time to avoid unnecessary charges.



Pupil’s Pass:

International students

Kindly ensure your pupil’s pass remains valid by registering as a full time student i.e. 9 and above units for undergraduates and 6 and above units for graduates.




Registration for September 2021 Graduation  

Degree application for September 2021 commencement begins on 15th  March 2021. Students completing course work by April and August 2021 are encouraged to apply. Deadline is  April 30th 2021

Eligible students to contact the Graduation Office at graduation@usiu.ac.ke (from 15th  March 2021) by sending their student details i.e. student id number, major and concentration/minor. The degree application forms  will be sent to the given email account within a week of contacting the graduation office.

NB: Only those students who meet the following requirements should apply:

  • You must be taking the FINAL units in April or August.
  • You should not be having unresolved grades (Incompletes, NRs, Fs, or IPs) in your transcript .
  • Graduate students must currently be registered for project/thesis.

Graduation fee is Kshs. 5000. Those students completing coursework by April and intending to participate in the September 2021 commencement to pay an additional refundable fee of Kshs. 5000(gown deposit). Payment deadline is 31st May 2021.

Students completing degree requirements by August 2021  to pay ONLY Kshs. 5000 by  31st May 2021.

Doctoral Students to apply end of May 2021.