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Office of the Registrar

Letters of Confirmation

Letters of Confirmation, Verification, Authenticity, Certification and Introduction are prepared for students.  Complete the “Letter Request Form” and allow one working day for processing.

Address Update

Address, Phone and Email Updates should be reported to the Registrar’s Office.  The Registrar’s Office will update your records campus wide.


Official Transcripts may be requested and collected anytime during working hours. The cost is KShs. 500 for the entire official transcript.
Unofficial Transcripts are  produced immediately on request. The cost is KShs. 250 for each unofficial transcript.


Lecturers are given two weeks after final exams to submit grades.  Allow one additional week for posting.  Grades are available on line. Or click here to Check Your Grades.


Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates.  You may register on line during registration periods.  You must know your username and password to access your on line account.  Please get in touch with the USIU-Africa HelpDesk at or call extension 333 for assistance.

Student's Pass

The Kenyan government requires all international (Non-Kenyans) students to obtain a Student's Pass.  The Student's Pass is valid for a period of one year.  The Student's Pass is required to be renewed annually.  The cost for the Student's Pass is KShs. 5,050 for all international students except East African Nationals.

Student's Data Sheet

Data Sheets show the courses registered for, class locations, days and times of attendance and charges.  This information  is  accessed on line from your Course and Fee Statement.

Leave of Absence

Students may officially request for a Leave of Absence (LOA) for up to one academic year of study.  Absence from the University without an approved LOA requires the student to Reapply for Admission to the University along with a KShs. 3,000 - Reapplication fee.

Graduation Application

When you are within 6-9 months of graduating, you must apply for graduation. Only those students who fulfill their program requirements are allowed to apply. All graduating students must file a formal Application for Degree with the registration officer in the registrar’s office. Advance notice of the intent to graduate permits timely review of degree requirements. This allows you to plan or change your final term course schedule to ensure completion of all requirements. Students with NR’s, Incompletes, F’s should not apply until all previous pending unresolved requirements issues are met.

Student Clearance

Students who wish to clear/ withdraw from the university for various reasons i.e. graduation, transfer must do so officially by applying for clearance and taking an Exit interview. To apply for clearance, visit  Click on - Apply for clearance. Kindly indicate student number, full names,  graduation level and departure reason. To check clearance status, on the same page - Log in as student and type in student id number.

For graduation clearance, all course requirements must have been completed and graded before applying for clearance.

General Academic Policies

* Dean’s List - The names of full-time undergraduate students whose term GPAs are 3.5 or over are included on the Dean’s List each term.

* Honors - Graduating seniors who achieve the requisite cumulative grade point average during their undergraduate career will be entitled to graduate with honors, and the honors certification will be designated on their diplomas.  The following honor categories are recognized by the University:
•Summa Cum Laude  [3.90 – 4.00] 
•Magna Cum Laude  [3.70 – 3.89]; and
Cum Laude [3.50 – 3.69;]

* Students may repeat courses to improve their academic record.  All grades earned at USIU - Africa will remain on the student’s transcript and the higher grade earned will be used to compute the grade point average.  At the undergraduate level, a maximum of four courses may be repeated.  No course may be taken more than twice without approval from the Dean.  At the master’s level, a maximum of two courses may be repeated.  No course may be taken more than twice without approval of the Dean.

* Undergraduate students must formally declare their major and minor/concentration before beginning their junior year of study at USIU - Africa. Changes of Majors are processed through the Academic Dean of the  Chandaria School of Business, School of Humanities & Social Sciences and the School of Science & Technology.

University Code of Conduct and Ethics

The University is committed to principles of scholastic honesty.  Its members are expected to abide by ethical standards both in their conduct and in their exercise of responsibility towards other members of the community.

Any student who violates the Code of Conduct and Ethics will be subject to sanctions up to and including dismissal from the University.

Students bear the responsibility not only for their own academic integrity, but also for bringing instances of suspected violations of the Academic Code of Conduct to the attention of the proper authorities.


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Academic Calendar 2019-2020


Dear Students,

Pr-registration begins on 20th July 2020.

Note that you will be able to :

 Register on line from 20th July 2020  to 6th  September  2020 for undergraduates without Add/Drop  charges

  1. 27th  July 2020 to 6th September 2020 for Doctorate and Masters students without  Add/Drop charges
  2. All students will be able to Register  online from 7th  September 2020  to 18th  September 2020  with Add/Drop  and late  registration charges

(Beware:  Each  Drop and/or Add  is  charged once charges begin).

Display courses relevant to your level of study to avoid selecting courses that are above or below your level!! This will incur unnecessary costs and delays in completing your studies.

NOTE: The online faculty evaluation must be completed to allow access to registration. If your account is on any hold (Read the messages on your registration page)visit the concerned office for it to be lifted before you can register i.e.

  • Business/Finance holds- Finance office,
  • Web Clearance, Leave of absence, Placement exam, and academic standing holds - Registrar’s office
  • Course Prerequisites, Course advising -Academic advisor’s office
  • Conditional Admission holds-Admissions office

Pupil’s Pass: International students kindly ensure your pupil’s pass remains valid by registering as a full time student i.e. 9 and above units for undergraduates and 6 and above units for graduates.

Tutorials on registration are available on

Always protect your passwords and change them frequently.

Refer to the Academic calendar, Fall 2020 schedule for financial guidelines on Registration

Please take advantage of the prolonged registration time to avoid unnecessary charges.





Registration for September 2020 Graduation  

Degree application for September 2020 commencement begins on 28th February 2020. Students completing course work by April and August 2020 are encouraged to apply. Due to the current situation with COVID- 19, Deadline has been extended to April 30th 2020.

Eligible students to contact the Registration Officer at by sending their student details i.e. student number, major and concentration. Students can also sign up at the Registrar’s reception desk when school resumes.(Kindly note that if you send your request via email you need not sign up at the Registrar’s department’s Reception  and vice versa) The graduation application will be sent to the given email account as soon as we are able to considering the current circumstances prevailing in the country.

Graduation fee is Kshs. 5000. Those students completing coursework by April and intending to participate in the September 2020 commencement to pay an additional refundable fee of Kshs. 5000 (gown deposit). Payment deadline is 31st May 2020.

Doctoral Students to apply end of May 2020.

Stay Safe!


Pupil’s Pass:

International students

Kindly ensure your pupil’s pass remains valid by registering as a full time student i.e. 9 and above units for undergraduates and 6 and above units for graduates.